PayPal Subscription

PayPal subscriptions can become a good alternative to paying online with credit cards that is usually done via merchant gateways. On one hand, this solution is more secure because your credit card data is not stored in the system database. On the other hand, the same level of automation is achieved with no need to enter your PayPal account each time to confirm payments.

Parallels H-Sphere allows you to create PayPal payment subscriptions right from your User control panel. Within subscription period PayPal will charge your credit card in the beginning of each billing period and billing month. Upon a successive charge, it will also inform Parallels H-Sphere and the latter in its turn will replenish your account's balance.

To create a PayPal payment subscription:

  1. Choose Expected Payments in the Billing menu.
  2. On the page that appears you should be able to see payment estimations for your upcoming payment period. They are shown as receipts that include all your recurrent payments for the set of resources being used. There are two types of estimations:
  3. Click the link Create Subscription in the bottom of the estimation:


  4. Fill in subscription details:


  5. Click Submit Query and finish the procedure on the your PayPal account native page.

    To make sure payments have been performed successfully, view existing subscriptions by clicking their ID number:


Subscriptions can be cancelled from your PayPal account page. Changes will be applied immediately in the H-Sphere User control panel.