Getting Money Back

If you quit hosting during the Moneyback Period, you are refunded all recurrent charges that are neither adjusted to refund percentage nor prorated to the days remaining to the billing period closure. If you quit hosting after the Moneyback Period, refunds are calculated according to the refund formulas. Mind that the setup and usage fees for any resources are not refunded.

Not all plans allow to claim money back. To find out whether this feature is available under a plan, go to the signup/login page and click the link that says: To compare available hosting plans and price schemes, please click here. In the form that appears, check the boxes to the plans you want to compare or click the Plan group link to compare grouped plans and their price schemes. In the first section of the chart that appears find Money Back Guarantee.

To claim the money back, click Money Back on the control panel home page. The following page will appear:


After you click the first link, your account will be suspended:


The amount due will be sent by check to the address you specified in the Billing Info.