CGI Scripts

To add CGI support, it will suffice to create a CGI alias or, in other words, to specify a CGI file extension and a CGI handler for it, for instance Perl. For example, you can specify that all *.cgi files must be treated as executable Perl scripts.

To add a CGI alias:

  1. Select Domain info in the Domain Settings menu.
  2. Click the Edit icon in the Web Service field.
  3. On the Web Service page that shows, scroll down to find the CGI-dir option and turn it on. Now all files in the cgi-bin directory will be treated as CGI executables. This is the directory to place all your cgi scripts.
  4. On the Web Service page, scroll down to find the CGI option and click the Add icon on its right.
  5. Enter an extension beginning with a dot and select the handler from the list.