Creating MySQL Database and Its Users

To create a MySQL database:

  1. Select MySQL in the Databases menu and MySQL database creation Wizard automatically appears.
  2. On the form that shows enter the name of the database and database description if needed:

    Note: New MySQL databases are created with the username_ prefix, where username is a unique identifier that contains either first letters of the name of an account under which this database is created, or that account name's first letters and a unique number if there are several account names starting with the same letters. This is done to prevent the creation of databases with the same name under different users.

  3. Agree with additional charges if any.
  4. In the form that appears, create a new user or grant privileges to users of other databases:

  5. Add a new user to the database you have just created: choose user role and click Add user.
  6. Choose roles for users of other databases so they can use your new database. Click Grant.
  7. Click Finish to complete creating your MySQL database.