Adding MySQL Users And Granting Them Privileges

To add new users to an existing MySQL database:

  1. Select MySQL databases in the Databases menu.
  2. Click the MySQL Database or the Edit icon on its right.
  3. On the form that shows, click Add against the Database users field and fill the form:

    MySQL password hash length is described in the section Choosing Password Hash Length.

    Each user role involves a fixed set of privileges on this specific database:


    Set of privileges:




    select, insert, delete, update


    select, insert, update, drop, create, alter, index

  4. Click the Add or Grant button and agree to additional charges.
  5. To edit privileges, click the Edit icon next to the user. You will be brought to the Privilege Maintenance page.

  6. Check or uncheck the desired privileges and press the Submit button.

Note: For more information on MySQL access privileges, please refer to Any changes in user privileges will be applied to the whole selected database.