WebShell File Manager and htProtect

WebShell allows you to copy, move, delete, and rename files and directories in your home directory on the server. Also, you can use it to upload, download, compress and decompress files as well as preview them in the browser.

htProtect utility is integrated into WebShell. Protect utility allows you to password-protect any directory on your site so only authorized visitors can open its content with their browsers.

You can launch WebShell in two different ways:

WebShell and htProtect manuals are available from the WebShell interface, Help button.

WARNING (For Windows-based accounts):
When you want to password protect a folder in WebShell that is accompanied with creating a user, authentication problem can arise as WebShell will not check whether system account with the same user name exists. There are two ways to prevent this problem:
- Create a user in WebShell based on the name of your own FTP account. For example, FTP account name is mike. Then user name in Webshell can be mikeNNNN, where NNNN are some other symbols.
- If you want to protect a folder using your own FTP account name, you should set the same password in Webshell as for FTP account.

Make sure you are logged off Webshell before browsing untrusted sites from the same browser window.