Changing Virtuozzo Plans

Parallels H-Sphere users can switch to another Virtuozzo plan if available.

To change a Virtuozzo plan:

  1. Go to Account > Account Settings. Alternatively, go to the Quick Access page and click the Change Plan icon next to the Plan name in the Information section.
  2. On the Choose Plan form, select a plan from the drop-down box and click Switch.
  3. On the page that appears show which plan you have currently and which plan you will move to. Moreover, you will be notified which application templates will be INSTALLED, and which will be REMOVED after the plan change, and the amount you will be refunded. To confirm the plan change, click Yes, I do want to change the plan.

Note: The new plan will not become available at once. It takes time for Parallels H-Sphere Control Panel to apply changes for the account.