Changing Hosting Platform

Parallels H-Sphere with the integrated hostingPlatformChanger system package adds a possibility to change a hosting platform by switching to a plan of a different nature (Windows or Unix).

The platform change process with the help of hostingPlatformChanger package involves:

To initiate the platform change process:

  1. Go to Account > Change Hosting Platform. On the page that appears, from the drop-down box choose the plan you want to switch to.

  2. You will be prompted to a Billing Statement that lists the information about prices on new resources and refunds for the incompatible resources. Click Submit to continue.

    Upon completion of the procedure, a platform change request will be sent to your Parallels H-Sphere administrator. When it is approved, the necessary resources will be recreated, incompatible resources removed, DNS and IP changed.

  3. When you receive the e-mail informing that your hosting platform is ready to be used, enable necessary resources and transfer user home directory content.