Handling CC Charge Request Failures

Parallels H-Sphere handles rejected credit card transactions by setting the maximum failed charge attempts and the retry interval. If a processing center rejects a CC charge request, Parallels H-Sphere will:

  1. debit the account;
  2. notify the administrator by e-mail (end user isn't notified);
  3. send this CC request again in the defined period of time;
  4. disable any other paid operations with this CC until this period elapses.

With the first successful credit card transaction, the charge failure counter is reset.

To configure this behavior:

  1. Select Merchant Gateway in the Settings menu.
  2. Fill out the last two fields on the Merchant Gateway Manager page:

- Maximum allowed failed charge attempts for credit cards: restrict the number of CC charge request failures.
- Retry interval after failed attempt to process CC (min): set the period (in minutes) to elapse before the system resends the charge request. Until then, the system will disable any transactions with this CC.

If charge failures reach the maximum number allowed, Parallels H-Sphere will mark such credit card as nonchargeable until you reset the charge failure counter:

  1. Select CC processing errors in the Reports menu;
  2. Retrieve the needed account;
  3. In the Controls column of the Search Results page, click the Reset icon for this account.