Restricting Traffic Usage and Traffic Limit

Traffic usage can be restricted, which means when end users run up a certain amount of traffic, their sites will get suspended, and visitors won't be able to see the pages, and mailboxes and virtual ftp accounts will stop working. To configure the system to suspend user accounts when their traffic limit is exceed by certain percentage:

  1. Select User Warnings in the Settings -> Notifications menu.
  2. Check the Suspend account if traffic limit exceeded box.
  3. Enter percentage of the traffic limit usage, exceeding which user accounts will be suspended.

Also, you can restrict the maximum possible traffic limit end users can set. To set the Max value:

  1. Select Manage in the Plans menu.
  2. Click Resource for the selected plan.
  3. Click Edit for the Summary Traffic resource.
  4. In the Max field, enter the maximum allowed traffic limit value (in GB).