Traffic Calculation

Parallels H-Sphere Control Panel calculates traffic per server, e.g. web server, mail server, Windows server, etc. with its own built-in utility that collects data from:

mail traffic logs with /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/
ftp traffic logs with /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/
http traffic logs with /hsphere/shared/scripts/cron/,

parses them every 24 hours with java psoft.hsphere.TrafficLoader and then adds up to make up Summary Traffic. Summary Traffic statistics is updated every 24 hours and is shown to end users in their Control Panels. Because of that, Summary traffic doesn't include the current day's traffic consumption.

Traffic Reset. Calculation of Traffic Overlimit Usage

Regardless of account's billing period, charges for exceeding traffic limit are calculated and traffic run up is reset at the end of each month. No user side account activities (changing billing period or switching to another plan) force traffic month closure. For example, if a customer signs up on March 7 for a billing period of 6 months, traffic month will always close on the 7th of each month.

Types of Traffic

Summary Traffic is not broken up into incoming or outgoing. Nor is it differentiated by the platform (operating system), however users can see Traffic Details for specific kinds of traffic consumption such as FTP User, Mail, HTTP, Real Server FTP traffic, etc.

Third Party Tools

Third party tools like ModLogAn, Webalizer, etc. can also be used to calculate the HTTP traffic statistics on users' domains. Since these tools generate statistics only for HTTP traffic, it will always differ from control panel Summary Traffic readings.