Signing Up Users for Virtuozzo Plans

Parallels H-Sphere provides the special signup wizard for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers users.

To sign up a new user for a Virtuozzo plan from the Parallels H-Sphere administrator control panel:

  1. Go to Plans > Manage.
  2. Click the lookup icon next to the Virtuozzo plan you wish to sign up a user to.
  3. The Virtuozzo plan signup wizard will start. Click Next to pass to the first step.
  4. Check Accept to accept the license agreement and click Next.
  5. Fill out your user information form and click Next.
  6. Choose your Parallels H-Sphere user login and password and click Next.
  7. Set your Virtuozzo container name and root password to the container. Click Next to complete the signup. The Virtuozzo container will be automatically created on one of the IPs within the IP range set in Parallels Virtuozzo Containers control panel.

Parallels H-Sphere administrator is also provided with a special search form for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers users. The form is available from the Search > Virtuozzo Users menu.