Images and Icons

Here you will learn how to change logo images and icons and control images in your control panel. These settings will affect control panels of your end users.

Logo Images

Logo images are the images that reflect your corporate identity. To go to the logo images page, select Corporate Logo in Look And Feel under the Settings menu.



Important: Your own custom images added to the Parallels H-Sphere interface can be lost with the new release update even if you put them into the /hsphere/local/home/cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/IMAGES/ directory. We recommend you to back up your custom images before each Parallels H-Sphere upgrade.

Icons And Control Images

Icons are the images that take you to certain sections of Parallels H-Sphere interface. They can be found on the home page of the No Menu skin and on the Quick Access page of the Left Menu skin.

Control Images are the images that you click to perform certain actions, for example Add, Edit, Delete.

To change default icons and control images:

  1. Select Design Settings in the Look and Feel menu.
  2. Ask your parent host to send you the default control panel images. Create "IMAGES" directory and put the received images into it. Place the directory with the images to a custom location.Replace the images you want to change. New images must have the same sizes as the defaults.
  3. Replace the images you want to change. New images must have the same sizes as the defaults.
  4. Go to Look and Feel -> Design Settings and click Change at the bottom of page.
  5. In the Base Image Directory field, enter the path to the IMAGES directory:

    This must be either a fully qualified URL of your host, for example or a directory path relative to the CP Web Server Document Root (/hsphere/local/home/cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/) if your parent host put your images there.
    The path must not include the IMAGES directory. For instance, if your images sit in, enter the path Image directory path configuration is explained in the Skin and Icon Set Customization document in Customization Guide.

If you made a mistake and your images do not show, just clear the Base Image Directory field, and click Submit. The original path will be restored.