Moderating User Signups

Newly registered accounts do not get activated immediately. Some of them need to be activated manually by admin. This procedure is called account moderation. This document explains how to moderate signed up users, activate their accounts from the admin control panel and more.

Moderated Signups

The following signups are moderated:

Even if a signup fails, the user is still allowed to complete the registration procedure. The potential customer is notified of the temporary problems and the signup request lands in the moderate section.

Email Notifications

In case of moderation, account owners receive two email notifications:

  1. the first one is sent at signup completion and states that account will soon be activated.
  2. the second one is sent upon activation stating that the account has been registered and can be accessed by the user.

Activating Or Rejecting Signups

To activate or reject activation of an account:

  1. Select Moderate in the Signup menu. The list of accounts awaiting moderation shows.
  2. Click the name of the account and check customer details in the signup info thoroughly.
  3. Scroll down to the Moderation actions section and click Create or Delete at the bottom of the page:

If you delete an account, it can't be restored. In some cases accounts won't activate even after clicking Create and system will show the reason why it happened.

Changing Details of Moderated Accounts

When an account gets to the Moderate signup section, you can change details of an account before it gets created, including:

Moderated Credit Card Signup

When the attempts to use stolen credit cards become frequent, the online processing center may close or suspend your account. To prevent this, you can switch to the moderated credit card signup mode and manually check each credit card, including its authenticity, address info, and other details, before allowing to create the account and charging the registration fee.

To enable moderated credit card signup, select Merchant Gateway in the Settings -> Payment Settings menu. On the page that appears, switch on Moderated CC signup: