Plan Controls

This section describes the advanced plan controls. However it is recommended to avoid using them, if the same task can be done with the plan edit wizard.

To access plan controls, enter the admin Control Panel and go to Plans menu -> Manage. Here you can see a list of available plans and multiple control options to handle the plans:


This pages shows all resources included into the plan in the Plan Creation Wizard. Here you can select resources that will show to users on signup wizard pages.

Simply check all necessary resources and click Change.


Alternatively to the Plan Creation Wizard, you can use this feature to create custom plans based on the predefined plan samples. To create a new plan, click Copy for the selected plan sample. The newly created copy will appear in the plan list. You can now modify it according to your needs via Plan Edit Wizard or above discussed configuration tools.


Although deleting plans is quite a rare procedure (as plans are essential part of the whole system), you may want to delete needless or harshly created plans.

To delete a plan, click the Trash icon in the selected plan entry.

Warning: Deleted plans cannot be restored by any means! Do not delete any of the system default plans because they serve to create custom plans!

It is impossible to delete a plan if there is at least one account created under it. In other words, you can delete only the plans without any accounts.

To see your deleted plans list, click the Deleted Plans link under the System Plans chart on the Plans page, Info menu.