Restoring Accounts

In Parallels H-Sphere deleted accounts are not completely erased from Parallels H-Sphere. Information about deleted accounts and their resources is stored in the deleted_account_xmls of the system database.

To restore accounts:

  1. Go the Search menu and choose Deleted Accounts:

    You will see the list of deleted accounts.

  2. Click the Restore account icon in front of an account to be restored. This will create a new account with a new account id (not with the deleted account id) but of the same structure that the deleted account. Note that deleted account data does not include the account's Web/mail/database content, so you need to manually copy the content from the backup once the account is restored.

Note: Account can be restored only if exists more than 10 minutes. Parallels H-Sphere considers an account as created if it's more than 10 minutes old.