Money in your hosting system is returned either by check or by crediting the account balance, but can't be issued back to credit cards! Automatic crediting of your account balance initiated by various account activities is called refunding. Refunds are listed in Billing Statements.

The Full refund message in the account Billing Statement implies that it isn't adjusted to the refund percentage which is when you quit hosting during the Moneyback Period.

Refund Formulas

Only the latest recurrent fees are refunded. Refund calculations for billing period and monthly resources differ:

If recurrent price for resource has been changed, the refund will be calculated based on prices used to calculate the latest recurrent fees prepaid.

Refunds are triggered when prepaid billing period resources is deleted, account's plan or billing period is changed, quotas and limits are reduced or when user quits hosting during and after moneyback period.

In this section:

Refunds on Deleting Prepaid Billing Period Resources

Refunds on Changing Hosting Plan

Refunds on Changing Account's Billing Period

Refunds on Reducing Quotas and Limits

Getting Money Back