Running Third-Party Log Analyzers

Log analyzers parse raw logs to produce visual reports in HTML format for viewing through a browser.

To enable these analyzers and view statistics reports for your sites:

  1. Select Domain Info in the Domain Settings menu.
  2. Click the Edit icon next to Web Service.
  3. On the page that shows, enable/disable the statistics package you want.
  4. Click the Apply link on the right of this domain.
  5. Click the View icon to go to the page of the statistics report.
    This page is renewed once every 24 hours. Please wait till the next morning to see the report to show up. The report must contain statistics since the raw logs were enabled.


Urchin is a commercial (not free) web analytics software, which can be available both for Unix and Windows hosted accounts.

Urchin is used on millions of sites worldwide, including over 20% of the Fortune 500.

Urchin will help you:

Urchin software analyzes your website log files and delivers fast, interactive reports and graphics on every aspect of your website's traffic and visitors.

Urchin is easy to install and allows you to view reports in seven languages, with clear explanations of what you are viewing on each report.

Urchin is an essential tool for web designers, marketing professionals, webmasters, and anyone interested in the success of their web business. Urchin is modular, so you can buy the licenses that best fit your needs.


AWStats is a free web analytics tool, which can be available both in Unix and Windows hosted accounts. It generates web, ftp or mail server statistics into graphical web pages. AWStats statistics for your domain is available in your browser at http://<your_domain>/cgi-bin/

AWStats has a separate configuration file for each serviced domain. You can find this file in your home directory <DOMAIN_NAME>/cgi- bin/awstats.<DOMAIN_NAME>.conf.

To protect your AWStats reports from unauthorized access, you need to configure access rules for <DOMAIN_NAME>/cgi-bin/ in the .htaccess file as suggested in AWStats Security Tips.


Webalizer is one of the most popular free statistics packages. It is available only for Linux hosted accounts. Once you have Webalizer enabled, it starts collecting your web statistics. You can see it in your browser by going to http://<your_domain>/webalizer/.


ModLogAn is another free statistics package included into Parallels H-Sphere installation. It is available only for Linux hosted accounts. You can see Modlogan statistics for your domain in your browser at http://<your_domain>/modlogan/.