Protecting Statistics

If it's provided by your plan, in Parallels H-Sphere 3.0 and up you can protect statistics of your site with password. Parallels H-Sphere will automatically use the password of your main FTP user for this purpose. After you turn such protection on occasional visitors of your site won't be able to view its statistics simply by using such links as

To enable this protection:

  1. Make sure to enable either Webalizer, Modlogan or Awstats, or all of these before protecting.
  2. On the Quick Access page click Stats in the Tools section.
  3. Click Off in the Web Statistics Password Protection column to turn it On for a domain:

Now when clicking to view stats by one of the three analyzers enter to the prompt your main FTP login and password.

Note: if one of the three analyzers being disabled at the moment you turned the protection on was enabled afterwards and you want to protect it as well, turn for that the Web Statistics Password Protection option Off and then On again.