Editing Microsoft SharePoint Settings

To register SharePoint Services on your domain thus making you the administrator of such services Parallels H-Sphere needs the following pieces of information to be used for sending electronic mail to your SharePoint users:

It will take your default setting for this purpose (Parallels H-Sphere SMTP server and e-mail address from your contact info). Later you can change these settings if needed.

Besides, Parallels H-Sphere will need an e-mail address to register SharePoint Services on. It will also take e-mail address from your contact info, although this address is not changeable.

To edit SharePoint settings:

  1. Click the Web options icon on the control panel home page.
  2. Select the domain where SharePoint is enabled.
  3. On the Web Service page click the Edit button against SharePoint.
  4. Do the necessary changes on the page that appears and click Submit: