Managing Mail Domain Keys

H-Sphere 3.3 introduces the DomainKeys antispam technology: a domain-level authentication framework for e-mail by using public-key technology and DNS to prove the provenance and contents of an e-mail message. It is an analog of S/MIME signing and verification at the mail service level. Made via generation of public/private key pair, where public key posted as a TXT DNS record, while private key is stored in a pre-defined location on a mail server.

To enable and configure Mail Domain Keys for a mail domain:

  1. Go to the Mail Info menu and select a domain from the drop-down list.
  2. To enable DomainKeys for the domain, click the Enable icon next to the Mail Domain Keys Manager field.
  3. Click the Edit Mail Domain Keys icon next to the Mail Domain Keys Manager field.
  4. On the page that appears, set the mail domain keys preferences into one of the three states: Bad Error, Soft Error, or Ignore.

    If you wish to reset your changes, click Restore Defaults.

  5. To apply these settings to antispam settings for all mail resources, click the Set button. Note that this will override individual mail domain keys settings for mail resources.
  6. Click Submit to apply changes.

To set greylisting parameters for a mailbox:

  1. On the Mail Manager page for a mail domain, find and click a required mail resource from the e-mail list.
  2. In the Edit E-Mail form, make sure the Mail Domain Keys box is checked. Click Submit to return to Mail Manager.
  3. The Edit Mail Domain Keys icon will appear next to the mail resource under the Resource Included column. Click this icon and configure the greylisting parameters as described above.