Autoresponder automatically sends a preset message in reply to all mail sent to the autoresponder's e-mail address. They don't store the incoming mail as mailboxes do, nor can they be used to send messages other than the preset autoresponse.

To create an autoresponder:

  1. Click New E-mail on the Mail Manager page or click the name of the existing mail resource:
  2. If you chose New E-mail, enter the autoresponder name in the Email address field. If you choose the existing mail resource, skip to Step 4.


  3. Enable antispam and antivirus for mail SMS. For security reasons, we strongly recommend it to minimize the risk of using your Mail SMS for distributing spam.
  4. Scroll down to the Autoresponder section and fill out the form:


  5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form and agree with the charges, if any.

You can edit autoresponder message and its subject at any time.

Removing Autoresponder

To remove a Catch All autoresponder, first switch Catch All off.