Eudora Mail Client

To configure your Eudora or any other e-mail client, you need to know your POP3 and SMTP servers.

To find them out, log into Parallels H-Sphere User control panel and got to the Mail Info menu.

Your provider's mail server may use different SMTP relays for sending mail - POP before SMTP or SMTP AUTH.

In POP before SMTP, the relay system collects your IP address when you authenticate yourself with the POP server, and then permits SMTP relaying from that IP address for a short period of time. In other words, if your server uses POP before SMTP, you need to check your mail first, only then you can send your messages.

If your mail servers uses SMTP AUTH, you must configure your Eudora to send a login and password not only when you receive mail, but also when you send it. Ask your provider which relay the server uses.

To configure Eudora:

  1. Open Eudora and go to the Tools menu > Options.

  2. On the page that shows, select Getting Started on the left and fill in the following form:

  3. Click OK. Once you have filled these fields, Eudora will populate other settings based on your input.
  4. Select Checking Mail on the left and fill out the form that shows:

  5. Click OK to save settings.
  6. Select Incoming Mail on the left and check the necessary options:

  7. Click OK.
  8. Select Sending Mail on the left.

  9. Return address and SMTP server should already be completed from previous fields on the Getting Started tab;
  10. Click OK to save settings.

Now that Eudora Mail is configured, you can send and receive emails.