Mail SMS

Mail SMS is a mail resource which allows forwarding emails to the cell phone number in the form of SMS message.

To convert email into SMS, Parallels H-Sphere will strip the incoming email of all excessive content, e.g: HTML tags, system and server info. You can split one incoming e-mail into up to 10 SMS messages that will be sent to the recipients phone number in email format. The maximum length of one SMS message usually is set to 160 bytes, as required by most of mobile providers.

To create a mail SMS:

  1. Click New E-mail on the Mail Manager page or click the name of existing mail resource:

  2. If you chose New E-mail, enter the mail SMS name in the Email address field.
    If you choose the existing mail resource, skip to Step 4.

  3. Enable antispam and antivirus for mail SMS. For security reasons, we strongly recommend it to minimize the risk of using your Mail SMS for distributing spam.
  4. Scroll down to the Mail SMS section and configure it:

  5. Enter recipients phone numbers in email format e.g: where XXXXXXXXXXXX is the recipient's mobile number, - mobile operator domain for incoming SMS messages
  6. Optionally, enter Sender Filter which restricts the range of possible sender e-mail addresses.
  7. Click Submit.

To edit Mail SMS message or its subject:

  1. Click the Mail SMS e-mail address in the E-mail list on the Mail Manager page:

  2. Enter more phone numbers or Sender Filter patterns and click Submit.

To remove mail SMS:

Option One: To remove Mail SMS by preserving other services running on its e-mail address:

  1. Click the Mail SMS e-mail address in the E-mail list on the Mail Manager page.
  2. Uncheck the box next to Mail SMS.
  3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

Option Two: To remove Mail SMS along with all mail services running on its e-mail address, click the Trash icon in the Properties section on the Mail Manager page: