Activating User Accounts with Tax Exemption Code Entered

To activate the account with tax exemption option enabled:

  1. Go to the Moderate submenu of the Signup menu.
  2. Choose the account to be moderated.
  3. In the billing section of the table that appears, find the Tax Exemption Code line:

  4. Call the corresponding tax office to verify the tax exemption code entered by the customer.
  5. According to the result of the validation, approve or reject the tax exemption code by clicking the respective link. The customer would be immediately notified by email.

    Note: If the customer has entered his or her tax exemption code incorrectly, you may edit that code by clicking the Edit icon.

  6. Activate the account by clicking the Create link at the bottom of the form.

    Note: You would not be able to activate the account until the tax exemption code is approved or rejected.

You may also approve or reject the customer's tax exemption code in the account profile:

  1. Search for the account in the Search menu.
  2. Click on the account's id link in the Account ID column.
  3. In the form that appears in the upper frame of the new page, click VIEW in the Contact&Billing Email section. Scroll down to the Tax Exemption Code line:

  4. Approve or Reject the tax exemption code by clicking the corresponding link.