Merchant Gateway Management

Merchant Gateway Manager is a configurable Parallels H-Sphere add-on that allows you to set up and alter merchant gateways, the media for conducting transactions with online credit card processing centers. The software tracks gateway usage and provides statistical information on the number of transactions and total charges for every particular gateway.

Merchant Gateway Manager allows you to setup different merchant gateway accounts for different types of credit cards (like VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). In this way you can maximize your profits by processing every type of credit card with the gateway that offers the lowest rate for this type of card.

Before configuring a merchant gateway, register an account with a supported merchant gateway.

Resellers can't use admin merchant gateway settings. They should register their own accounts with chosen Merchant Gateways.

New merchant gateways are integrated to Parallels H-Sphere by means of packages. You can:
- download merchant gateway packages compiled by Positive Software
- build your own packages using Merchant Gateway SDK.

In this section:

Setting Up Merchant Gateway

Editing Merchant Gateway Settings

Associating Merchant Gateways with Credit Card Vendors

Editing Description for User Credit Card Statements

Handling CC Charge Request Failures

One Step Gateways