Simplified Plan Wizards

Starting with version 3.1 Beta 1, Parallels H-Sphere allows shortening the subsequent steps of Plan Wizards where you set the prices for the billing period. To remove the fields for the resources not to be charged for, uncheck the boxes for these resources. For this:

  1. Go to Plans->Simplified Plan Wizards

  2. Uncheck the boxes next to the resources or the group of resources you are not going to charge for:

  3. Submit query

As a result, the Step 2 of Plan Creation Wizard and Steps 2 and 3 of Plan Edit Wizards will include the fields for the checked in Simplified plan wizards menu resources only:

Note: if you have already set the price for a resource or the resource has a free value (e.g. disk quota, traffic etc.), the records on it will be represented in the subsequent steps regardless of your settings in Simplified Plan Wizard.