User Plans

To create a dedicated server plan:

  1. Launch plan edit wizard using Plans -> Create menu and choose Dedicated Server Plan Wizard.
  2. On the first step of the wizard, include the necessary resources:

    Choose Bandwidth Billing Type.

    Note: Think twice choosing the type as you won't be able to change it later, when there are customers under this plan.

  3. Choose dedicated servers templates to be available in the plan - your own and your provider's, and define their prices:


  4. On the step 2 of the wizard, define fees for dedicated server related resources, and set free units:

    Dedicated Server IP Range: set number of IPs to acquire for free, and monthly fee per one IP.
    Backup: set fees for clients' regular backups. Set monthly fee per a planned backup task and extra fee per a custom one.

    Set quotas:

    Summary traffic: traffic to/from client server(s) via the provider's mail system.
    DS Bandwidth: all incoming/outgoing traffic for client server(s) excluding the above summary traffic.

  5. Step 3 of the wizard is the same as for regular plans.