Step 1. Selecting Resources and Configuring Plan Settings

On the first step, select which resources will be available and active in the plan.
Note that Plan Wizards display only those resources that are enabled globally in the system. Read about Global Resources for more info.

- Include: check the box to have the resource available for users subscribing for the plan. If you leave this box unchecked, users of this plan will be unable to take advantage of this resource. Checking Include alone doesn't activate this resource by default; in newly created accounts it will be off.
- Activated determines whether the resource should be enabled immediately at signup (checked) or activated later by the user (unchecked). If a pay resource has Activated unchecked, it won't be included in the signup bill, but users will be able to turn it on when necessary and will be charged for it at the moment of activation. But if a pay resource has Activated checked, it will be included in the signup bill, and will be charged for when users enable it in their control panel. If the activated resource has some pay child resources also activated in the plan wizard, they will be included in the signup bill and user will be charged for them at the moment of activating the parent resource.

Some of the plan's resources are integral to the system and cannot be excluded from the plan. They are not available on this page.

Note: If you exclude resources that are in use by some users, they'll remain functional but become inaccessible from the user control panel.

First, you enter Plan name for the plan you are creating. Later you can change the plan name in the Plan Settings.

Then, Step 1 allows you to configure the following hosting resources:

Allow or disallow your customers to create the above mail resources: