Migrating from Parallels SiteStudio to Parallels Sitebuilder

Users signed up to plans with Parallels Presence Builder enabled are recommended to migrate their sites published by Parallels SiteStudio to Parallels Presence Builder. Parallels H-Sphere administrator provides a trial period when a user could test Parallels Presence Builder functionality. At the end of the trial period the user who wishes to go on with Parallels Presence Builder will be charged according to the selected Parallels Presence Builder plan.

To configure the trial period duration:

  1. Go to E.Manager > Sitebuilder > Site Studio Migration.
  2. Set the trial period parameters:
  3. Click Submit.
  4. The migration itself will become available for Parallels H-Sphere users from their control panels. For details, please refer to the Parallels Presence Builder section of the Parallels H-Sphere User Guide.