Comodo SSL Manager

Comodo SSL Manager allows you to sell Comodo InstantSSL certificates right from the Parallels H-Sphere CP. If you are a Comodo CA Web host reseller, you can enter your reseller data in Parallels H-Sphere and then turn on Comodo SSL in the plans.

If you enable Comodo SSL in the plans, your customers will get the option to buy and install Comodo InstantSSL certificates in one step without generating a self-signed certificate, forwarding it to a trusted authority, and receiving a permanent certificate in return. Parallels H-Sphere will automate the entire procedure on behalf of the end user.

As hosting administrator, you won't need to perform manual payment procedures every time a user buys a certificate. Parallels H-Sphere will do them automatically via your Comodo CA Web Host Reseller account, which your users even won't be aware of.

Comodo SSL Manager implements a number of new functionalities:

In this chapter:

Step 1. Register as a Comodo CA Web host reseller

Step 2. Configure prices for various certificate types

Step 3. Enable SSL Support in plans

Step 4. Manage your customer requests