Setting E-Mail Notification Recipients

Parallels H-Sphere allows you to configure e-mail addresses where copies (the BCC: field) of e-mail notifications - such as, welcome messages to customers upon their signup, billing letters, confirmations of domain registration - will be sent to. Also, you can add e-mail addresses to receive copies of trouble tickets and system notifications about critical errors, etc. Mostly, this option is provided to enable various departments of your company to track and resolve specific issues.

To subscribe e-mail addresses to receive notification copies:

  1. Go to the Settings menu - > Notifications - > Notification Recipients.
  2. On the page that appears add subscribers to mailing lists you choose.

System e-mail messages are grouped according to their specific tasks. These messages are configured in the Settings -> Notifications -> E-Mail Notifications menu. Please refer to Editing E-Mail Notifications for details.