Processing Check Payments

This document discusses how to process payments by checks, wire transfers, and other methods that don't involve credit card processing and web payment systems.

If a user chooses to pay by check or wire transfer, the account registration and operation will include the following steps:

  1. The user goes through the registration wizard.
  2. Upon the completion of the wizard's last form, the account is not activated. An invoice is e-mailed to the user. A copy of this invoice is sent to your admin address (see Setting E-mail below on how to specify this e-mail address). The invoice includes mailing address for check payments or bank details for wire transfers.
  3. The user sends you a check or wires the amount specified in the invoice.
  4. You receive user's check or wire and enter the received amount into the system.
  5. Next you moderate the account, it becomes active, and the system sends user an e-mail notification that the account has been created.
  6. User receives the notification e-mail and can log into the control panel.
  7. Further, user sends checks or makes wire transfers to pay the bills. Upon their receipt, you enter the payments into the system.
  8. When the billing period closes, the account is not suspended and continues to operate, and the payment owed becomes user's negative balance. When user's negative balance exceeds the credit limit, this user will become unable to purchase more resources, which does not allow the negative balance to grow too high over one billing period.
  9. When necessary, you can turn off check payments for the entire system.