Technical Support

Generally, customer support can be carried out from two kinds of accounts: the main admin account that you use to configure and manage your hosting system and support account created under administrative plans.

Customer support is accomplished via trouble tickets or TTs, which are:

These are delivered to POP3 support mailbox ( specified in Settings - >Tech Support and then submitted to your Client Support Center.

Web-based customer support has been profoundly improved. New Client Support Center is now equipped with:

It also allows:

Client Support Center is intended to manage TTs and is integrated into main administrative control panel and support accounts provided the TroubleTicket Admin resource is included into the plan they are registered under.

To configure Client Support Center, go to Settings menu -> Tech Support and follow instructions of Configuring Your Support Center.

To configure Reseller Client Support, go to Settings menu - > Reseller Client Support and follow instructions of Client Support Center.

To enter Client Support Center, go to Support Center menu - > Client Support Center:

You will be taken to a new window, separate from CP. On the Client Support Center you will see the top navigation menu and also several sections with My Assigned Tickets, New Unassigned Tickets, Other Open Tickets, Quick ticket search, Private Messages and My Assigned Tasks

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