Creating Knowledge Bases

Knowledge base works as a standard search system. When creating knowledge base records, make sure to compose logical entries that contain important keywords and avoid wordiness.

To create a knowledge base:

  1. In your admin control panel, select KnowledgeBase Admin from the Support Center menu.
  2. On the page that shows, enter the name of the knowledge base in the Create Knowledge Base section.
  3. Click the Create button. The newly created knowledge base appears in the Existing Knowledge Bases section.
  4. To create a category in this knowledge base, click the Edit link next to the new knowledge base.
  5. On a page that shows, enter a category name in the Add Category section.
  6. Click Create. New category appears in the list of existing categories.
  7. To create actual records in knowledge base categories, click Add in the necessary category.
  8. Enter the problem in the Question field and a solution in the Answer field.
  9. Click Submit Query.