Knowledge Base

Created as a combination of FAQ and search utility, the KnowledgeBase system helps to improve customer support.

Knowledge Base is implemented in the control panel TechSupport System. It helps TechSupport admins and TechSupport assistants to compose answers to customer questions and problems. Technically, the KnowledgeBase system checks the trouble ticket against the knowledge base to find the most relevant suggested replies that appear on the trouble ticket page.

There are 2 knowledge base utilities in the Support Center menu:

You can't use your host's knowledgebases. You need to create or import a knowledgebase of your own.

Knowledge base can be created only under Admin and Tech Support Admin plans. We presume you have already created Tech Support Admin account as a necessary step to create knowledge base and configure your technical support system.

In this section:

Creating Knowledge Bases

Editing and Removing Knowledge Bases

Exporting Knowledge Base

Importing Knowledge Bases