Searching Trouble Tickets

Among all trouble tickets received from users, you can select those that match your specified criteria.

Trouble Ticket system allows searching tickets via Search Tickets (advanced search) and Quick Search (directly from the dashboard) and In Resellers (tickets of your reseller) .

To perfom advanced search, select Search Tickets in the top menu. Enter or choose the search criteria and click Submit.

To search trouble tickets Via Quick Search, go to the dashboard and fill the Quick Search section:

To quick search tickets, just enter its ID, title or email address and click Search.

To search trouble tickets In Resellers, select Search In Resellers in the top menu. The search page is the same as the common search form, except for the additional Reseller field at the top of the form:

To find reseller enduser tickets, you need to set necessayr reseller first: in the Reseller field, click the Change icon. Find the reseller in a separate form.

Once you've chosen reseller, you can find its end user tickets: enter ticket ID, Title or email address into the corresponding field. Click Submit.

On the search result page you can open, view, export, sort and also perform mass actions with reseller tickets.