Step 9. Create Billing Periods

Each plan can have several billing periods with different price discounts for each. You can't delete billing periods, but you can change their duration. For instance, if you create a billing period for 1 year and you find out you don't need it, you can change it to 3 months.

To create a billing period for a plan:

  1. Go to Plans -> Manage and click Settings in the Advanced section.
  2. Scroll down to the Payment Intervals and click Add.
  3. Specify the duration of the billing period. For instance, to make it 3 months long, select MONTH and enter 3 in the Size box.
  4. Optionally, enter discounts. For instance, if you want to cancel any setup fee for this billing period, enter 100 in the Setup Discount field.
  5. Click Submit. This will add the billing period to the list.