Transfer Traffic Report

To generate report by overall traffic generated over the specified period of time:

  1. Select Transfer Traffic in the Reports menu.

  2. Enter Search criteria
  3. Click Search.

Report shows a list of users matching your search criteria, plan they are signed up under, email and transfer traffic consumed over the specified period.

By clicking the Edit icon in the Controls section, a login page shows and you will be able to login into this account.

Note: Upon retrieving a report, you can send a mass email to all users displayed in the report. To do this, click the Mass Mail link at the bottom of the report page and send a message.

Traffic reading in this report is different from the Summary Traffic in the user control panel, as it shows traffic for the period defined in the search criteria, whereas the user control panel shows traffic consumed during the current traffic cycle wich is one month.

Transfer traffic report can also be used as a search utility to find accounts by overall traffic.