Reseller Billing

This document explains how you pay for resold resources and services. It complements the guides on billing that explain how you charge your end customers.

Reselling with Parallels H-Sphere doesn't accord one-to-one with the general concept of reselling. You don't buy resources before selling them. You pay AFTER you sell.

When a customer signs up for your plan and gets an account, physical resources are created, and the system charges him the fees you have set up in the plan. At the same time, your parent host charges you at their own prices. The difference between the resource price set by your parent host (wholesale price) and the price you set (retail price) makes your profit.

You can resell hosting services in a currency which is different from that of your parent hosting provider. This doesn't require currency conversion. You pay dollars, and charge whatever you set in the regional settings.

In this section:

Wholesale Prices vs Retail Prices

How do I view my billing history?

How do I pay?