Data Transfer Security

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) is a standard for transmitting confidential data such as credit card numbers over the Internet. Most true business sites support this feature which allows more security in data transmitted over the web. SSL uses a private key to encrypt data that is transferred over the SSL connection.

SSL requires a dedicated IP, because name-based hosting does not support data encryption in HTTP requests.

In Parallels H-Sphere you can use certificate you already have or create a temporary certificate and then acquire a permanent certificate from a trusted authority. If your provider offers a Shared SSL certificate, you can use it instead of purchasing a certificate of your own.

If your hosting provider allows it in your plan, you can buy and install a permanent Comodo Certificate directly from your control panel.

Later you can renew permanent certificates and check errors and solutions.

In this chapter:

Using Existing Key and Certificate

Creating Temporary Certificate

Acquiring a Permanent Certificate

Using Shared SSL

Renewing Permanent Certificates

Managing Comodo SSL Certificates