Parallels H-Sphere is a comprehensive hosting automation system that allows you to provide a heterogeneous operating system environment to your customers across multiple servers. It can manage hosting servers located in various data centers.

Parallels H-Sphere can have a multiple server layout, called a cluster. The main server in the cluster is the actual Parallels H-Sphere Control Panel, a web application with graphical interface, which centralizes all hosting management tasks, controls all hosting servers and services, manages users, domains, events, and processes. Through Parallels H-Sphere web interface, you can configure and manage these and other subsystems, other servers, user accounts and domains, etc. All system data, such as billing, domain, and other info, is stored in the Postgres system database. The Control panel consists of many subsystems, the major of them described below.

In this chapter:

Getting Started

Step 1. Access Your Reseller Account

Step 2. Create a DNS Zone

Step 3. Create an Instant Alias Template

Step 4. Add Server Aliases

Step 5. Change Temporary CP Alias to Your Own Reseller CP URL

Step 6. Configure Mail Notification Addresses

Step 7. Set Up Payment Settings

Step 8. Create Plans

Step 9. Create Billing Periods

Step 10. Configure Support Center

Step 11. Look and Feel